Whether traveling within Alberta or making plans for travel to Alberta, our invitation to you is to “stay an extra day or two” and let us help you discover a few of our very special, cool and hidden places; those which can turn what may seem to be an ordinary drive or just another stay, into an EXTRAordinary Alberta Experience!

Travel in Alberta
Jasper National Park

Alberta is known for its incredible beauty and diverse landscape including the best of the Rocky Mountains, rolling hills, prairies, desert badlands, parklands and vast coniferous forests.   When you decide to not be in a hurry and allow yourself to look more closely, you’ll discover adventure, interesting culture and history as well as surprising beauty in every region of the province.

Alberta is Canada’s sixth largest province by land mass with over 600 lakes and five (5) world-renowned National Parks as well as five (5) UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Alberta also offers many dozens of Provincial Parks including some that rival the best of any National Park in both size and beauty… don’t miss those!

The people of Alberta are known for their passion, independence, hard-work and love of nature.  Banff National Park was established in 1885 as Canada’s very first and still most well known National Park.  Of note is that Albertans have continued to carve out and dedicate large tracts of the best and most beautiful parts of their Province for conservation and preservation.  In fact, by square kilometres/miles, nearly 50% of all National Parks within Canada’s Provinces are within the Province of Alberta. PLUS, Alberta has proportionality carved out more space than any other for their Provincial Parks system.

Travel in Alberta
Ranching in Southern Alberta

We love our nature and invite you to enjoy!

Alberta is also a very young Province, established in 1905 with a population of about 100,000 and now, with over 4.35 million people living in over a dozen vibrant cities including its two largest; Edmonton (Capital City of Alberta) and Calgary (economic capital of western Canada), each of over 1.1 million people.   Alberta is also known for its ‘ranching country’, vast open spaces across the Province, with over 4.7 million cattle (yes, we have more cows than people). If you are a beef lover, don’t forget to enjoy our Alberta Beef, considered by many as the world’s best.

This Province is also blessed with an incredible abundance of natural resources including having the third largest oil and natural gas reserves in the world.   Natural Resources might be the primary driver of the Alberta economy but what drives the passion of most Albertans still, is the enjoyment of the outdoors, of the land and nature.

The people of this Province are diverse and deeply connected to community, faith and their cultures.   They come by it honestly as most Albertans either are from other provinces or they are recent immigrants, or a generation or two of being immigrants to Canada.   As a result, our festivals, concerts and celebrations are both vibrant and abundant…. Make sure you check out our festivals, rodeos and concerts and yes, even our Churches, Temples and Mosques.

Again… in visiting Alberta, we invite you to make plans to ‘stay with us an extra day or two’ and let us help you create your EXTRAordinary Alberta Experience!