1905 – Alberta is established a Province of Canada, being named after a daughter of Queen Victoria – Louise Caroline Alberta

1906 – Edmonton is selected to be the Capital City of Alberta, as being the ‘geographical centre of Alberta’.

1906 – Canada’s first wild life sanctuary is established east of Edmonton, at Elk Island

1908 – Alberta’s first University is established in Edmonton (University of Alberta)

1913 – Calgary Symphony Orchestra is founded

1914 – The purest oil discovery in Canada, at Turner Valley (southwest of Calgary) where the oil was so pure it could be pumped straight out of the ground and into the car!

1914 – Alberta’ worst ever mining disaster takes place on June 19, also in the Crowsnest Pass with 189 killed

1914 – Alberta women lead the fight in Canada for the right of women to vote

1915 – the Brooks aqueduct is built as part of a bigger plan to build an irrigation system with numerous water storage lakes and over 2,140 kilometres of canals at a huge relative cost of $40 million

1916 – Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta grant women the right to vote

1916 – Albertan, Emily Murphy becomes the first female judge in the British Commonwealth

1917 – Alberta’s Louise McKinney and Roberta MacAdams become the first women elected to a legislature in the British Empire

1918 – First Calgary Stampede

1920 – Alberta’s last train robbery takes place in the Crowsnest Pass

1922 – Radio arrived in Alberta

1923 – First oil refinery in Calgary

1926 – Canada kindness after WW I, Canada reaches out to eastern Europeans, especially of German and Ukrainian decent, to invite them to immigrate to Canada.

  • Of over 73,000 people who came to Alberta between 1926 and 1930, over half came from eastern Europe.

1930’s – the Dust bowl and great depression. Average family income in 1928 was $548 and by 1933 it was $212.

Politics in Alberta:

In 1934 – William Aberhart (the radio preacher), as a result of very difficult times move into the politics by founding with his friend, Earnest Manning of Edmonton, the Social Credit Party (SCP)

  • The SCP promises to give all citizens $25 a month in credit during the depression
  • Aberhart is elected as Premier in 1935, creating Alberta’s first political dynasty, re-electing the Social Credit Party again and again until 1973.
  • Peter Lougheed of the Progressive Conservative Party is elected Premier in 1971, establishing Alberta’s second political dynasty
  • Albertans re-elect Progressive Conservatives again and again until 2015

1937 – ’43 During WW II Lethbridge and Medicine Hat become the locations of the largest prisoner of war camps amongst the Allies.

  • Many prisoners return after the war as immigrants

1947 – On February 3, a massive oil find takes place near Leduc, drilled by Vern Hunter of Imperial Oil.

  • Hunter was not so lucky by reputation in that he was nicked named Dry Hole Hunter, having drilled 133 times unsuccessfully before the big one.

1955 – The Founding of Dinosaur Provincial Park, the world’s richest site of dinosaur bones found along the Red Deer River badlands near Brooks, Alberta

1959, the Ghermezian family (of Persian Jewish decent) found the West Edmonton Mall, which expands to become the largest shopping mall in North America


Alberta is the only rat free zone in North America with millions spent every year for very sophisticated monitoring and trapping system to keep the rats out of the Province!

  • Alberta’s Official Flower – Wild Rose
  • Alberta’s Official Rock – Fossilized Wood
  • Alberta’s Official Bird – Great Horned Owl
  • Alberta’s Official Animal – Rocky Mountain Big Horned Sheep
  • Alberta’s Official Tree – Lodge Pole Pine
  • Alberta’s Official Fish – Bull Trout




Many of our Fun Facts were found in
Intriguing and Entertaining Facts about Our Province’s Past
By Marina Michaelides